The Syncronicles ep II

The Syncronicles ep II is just around the corner. In case you missed the first part, we have built a nice website for you to get lost with us on our journey across the western Alps. There are also a lot of unseen images and written details about how I built the van. Check it out:

The end of 2016 was full of ups and downs for me. After 7 years with Canyon I decided to move on. I’m very thankful for the years we had together and I’m proud that I have been part of their success story. Canyon is now a global player in the cycling world and has grown 8 times larger than when I began working with them. But in 2016 many things have changed and with that I got more and more the feeling that I need to move on, with a smaller brand again where the personal factor and fun are the main driving elements to be in the business to build sick and true Mountainbikes. I found the perfect fit with EVIL bikes from Seattle.

So I packed my van, strapped by new bike „The Wreckoning“ on the rack and said goodbye to my family for a 3 months journey down south into the unknown territory of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, to reset and open my mind for the new adventures ahead and fulfill some childhood dreams.

What the trip has been about is captured in my new episode of „The Syncronicles“ and will launch soon.

„There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.“Christopher Morley